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just removed a feature that i implemented on retrospring almost exactly 6 years ago ☺️

I got a Facebook ad for Figma and literally all the comments are people replying "figma balls"

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if you need a quick energy boost, try becoming a goddamned werewolf

concise demo on the current development of webXP!

built with the help of @nilsding and @fennecbyte

konsti's xp-posting 

this fits resoundingly well on here

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Finally, it’s 2022. Year of the Linux Desktop.

RISC architecture is going to change everything

kernel panics on linux make the keyboard LEDs flash, so windows bsod should make the CD drive repeatedly open and close. embrace extend extinguish

update: got it to work. don't ask me how, i don't know either :(

if i look at the CMakeLists.txt in a wrong way it somehow ends up deciding to not properly find Qt anymore. weird

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is it just me or does CMake really like to do weird things when trying to link to a MacOS .framework?

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