@maffsie @dogo i indeed am yes, to the dismay of literally every person around me

@radostin04 @dogo 868 but it’s one of the variants that are physically identical to the 878, so it has the 878 firmware flashed to it


@maffsie @dogo ah neat - i do really want one of those, but they're a good bit out of the reasonable price range i'd pay for a HT

@radostin04 @dogo it’s a nice handset, i have two baofengs but they’re not that great and don’t do digital at all

@maffsie @dogo i had two baofengs but one belongs to @fennecbyte now, yeah, they're not great but they work

I just can't justify paying the amount an 878 costs when the only real feature I cared about is DMR, and I could get that on a $90 GD-77. the only feature I really want that it doesn't have is DMR texting, but that's honestly not all that important to me

@radostin04 @dogo oh I couldn’t justify the 878’s costs either, but the 868 was much cheaper (despite having identical hardware) and modding it with the 878’s firmware was fairly simple

@maffsie @dogo how much cheaper was it exactly? i haven't looked into the 868

@radostin04 @dogo it was about £130 for the 868 vs £200 for the 878 at the time. i’m not sure what the difference is now

@dogo @maffsie theres a discord server and telegram group for people like us fwiw

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