nudity mentions 

Normalize casual nudity with friends if they want to be that way.

Naked does not equal sexual and sure as heck does not equal consent.

Even if somebody is hard that doesn’t mean consent, people sometimes just get hard for no reason at all and like that.

Bodies are nice in every way. πŸ’š

important update: zoom's new filters work on fursuit heads

wondering if one day fursona design will go through throwback phases like fashion does

I've come to the conclusion that mastodon is about subtooting your friends wholesomely to spread around the dopamine we all desperately need. Neat!

@owashii the zen of everyone reflecting on what the heck happened

being given the opportunity to ych someone as sexy bill gates is not one to pass up


@haybuck there might be a need for it! a lot of instances opened registration after word spread around, but it wouldn't hurt if a few new places popped up to limit individual populations

Here's a quick reminder to everyone:

@RussellTheFox is wonderful and deserves all the hugs

An updated list of furry instances 

A lot of furry folks are looking for new instances, and here are just a few furry friendly ones:****

*The user(s) in charge have specifically requested either reaching out or having a friend vouch in order to join, and may not always be accepting new members

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