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Moving instances? Not finding an instance you like? Why not start your own! No server experience needed (but community management experience helps!) 

I highly recommend!

The folks behind Masto Host have kept ✨plush✨ city and many other instances up to date and running smoothly for years now, with very little downtime- and at a very reasonable cost, leaving you with more time to help meet the social needs of your community. :blobsmilehappyeyes:

This is a GitHub repository containing the source code of PokΓ©mon Red and Blue, disassembled and refactored to human-readable (and editable!) asm.

While the code is refactored, its functionality is untouched, and the ROMs you built with this code will be identical to the one that is on US PokΓ©mon Red or Blue cartridge.

It is a really cool and interesting project!

never forget that git is so complicated that i managed to accidentally push a change request to change "toots" to "yiffs" on the mainline mastodon branch

Welcome, welcome to you have chosen or been chosen to migrate to one of our finest furry instances. I thought so much of that I decided to make my main account here, in the timeline so thoughtfully provided by our benefactors. I have been proud for well over a year to call this instance my home. And so whether you're here to stay or passing through to parts unknown, welcome to

also a little older, but another mario kart one, this time with me! the other comm was made as a direct response to this picture

green shell because I main koopa troopa 🐒

Since there's quite a few people currently moving Instances, I quickly made !

It's supposed to be a monorepo for mastodon themes, so other instances can use the same themes as other instances!

If you're not a fan of gitlab, I mirrored it to my own Gitea instance over at

I keep getting character ideas that I wanna see on paper, but my brain is like

currently, i have made additional accounts on plush city and chitter xyz. i have an account on glaceon social but it's not in use at the moment

I know is already on the list that's floating around but I just wanted to say that we're open to new users!

If you request an Account on here and haven't gotten one, please mention me on here, birdsite or telegram! ( all @hokkqi )

The Queen of Sleep woke up with a soft 'prrt?'. Her subjects were staring at her with appropriate devotion.

"What is it?" she yawned, stretching all her limbs at once.

"There's an unattended sunbeam in The Hallway."

The queen snapped to attention, whiskers bristling, "Well! That simply won't do!"

She hurried over to the Grand Doorway, tail held high, stepping through with grace.

Thus the sunbeam was thoroughly slept upon.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy #Caturday

did you know? the element bismuth is actually very very slightly radioactive!

folks didn't realize this for until 2003, since it decays so rarely - the most common isotope of it has a half-life of over a billion times the age of the entire universe !

Your robot gf doesn’t really sleep, usually. Sometimes she runs dream programs, which supposedly help you process data more organically, but there’s a lot of debate if those do anything or if their only purpose is to make synths seem more human by shutting them off for a rest. (And who wants to be human)

On most nights she just cuddles up against you as she continues to run all night, enjoying the feeling of safety she gets from being close to you even as you sleep.

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Today's gender is the sound of gulls circling overhead.

til the official protogen design sheet says they have organs???

I always thought they were just fluffy robot friends

consider: a particularly industrious kobold kitting out a ruined lair as a room escape

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