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If you brought this to school you automatically had the most clout

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I just realized I don't really don't have an , so here we go I guess.

Hey, my name's Josephine, prefer Jo tho, I turn 16 in a few weeks, and I'm working on my driver's ed.

My grades suck but w/e

I drive a 2003 Subaru Forester, dark green and 99% duct tape.

I live in a small town in south-central Wisconsin, it snows a shit ton here

I'm not a very passionate furry.
I'm Bi
I'm Ace

I work at Subway
I love everyone for who they are uwu

Never forget you're important uwu

Lob uself

> Knock Knock
> An async function
< Who's there?

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if elon musk was on fedi, he'd have his account on

time to read some old timey shit about some sad boi

also he lug nuts were red and the headlights were blacked out.

i wanna go home, apparently it's nice there

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science class just teaches you every possible way the world could end

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