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Selfie, ec 

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Moving accounts! Please read :) 

I need to know,
is your brain
still working


It's almost Sierra (fursona)'s birthday

it was February 18th when i originally got my idea approved with her reference's artist (granted I didn't get it until JUNE)

['I wanna be a cowboy, baby' vine voice] I wanna be a pooltoy, baby

I gotta do an art trade/collab again where we do a sketch for the other and then swap and finish the other's sketch

It's a fun time

pellets guy 

if you’re new to mastodon and have any questions on how to get set up and cozy, i’d love to help out :3 just reply to this post! #MastoMonday

frantically rolling out of bed and sprinting across the house to activate the Daily Fursona Selector

>911, what's your emergency?
<yes, hello, I was just in a car purpose.
>a... what?
<a car purpose.
>a car accident..?
<no I hit that bitch on purpose

Hey everyone! If you'd like to commission me this week, id really appreciate it! my hours got cut again. My headshots are only 15$!

@zagraa it's super good

i also put parm on it too because i love the texture of powdery cheese

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