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I just realized I don't really don't have an , so here we go I guess.

Hey, my name's Josephine, prefer Jo tho, I turn 16 in a few weeks, and I'm working on my driver's ed.

My grades suck but w/e

I drive a 2003 Subaru Forester, dark green and 99% duct tape.

I live in a small town in south-central Wisconsin, it snows a shit ton here

I'm not a very passionate furry.
I'm Bi
I'm Ace

I work at Subway
I love everyone for who they are uwu

Never forget you're important uwu

Lob uself

Honda Oddesey
Toyota Sienna
Dodge Grand Caravan
Chrysler Pacifica

Together, the 4 Soccermom nations lived in harmony...

i need brake lines
and an exhaust
and i need to get my car registered
and insured
and inspected
and emissions tested

then i can drive

how do ppl find feet attractive toes r just weird

paws r far superior

only 22 minutes left, just gotta hope the teacher doesn't realize we have a quiz today oh ggggoddddd

just so we can wear white tees and ripped pale jeans with white vans and a beanie, everyone can be a soff boi and be happ-

goddamnit pharell williams, you and your 2013 song are stuck in my head now ugu

damn danny devito's 74 years old already

shiiiit bro he old af

can we just go back to 2015 and like

stay there

200ml (8/10 U.S. Cup) of this can be bought online for $9 USD (8 Euro, 7.10 Pound, 12 Canadian and 13 Australian)

copic ink is alcohol-based
non toxic
and they sell refills for colorless blenders

you can buy this shit as a minor
drink it
become drunk


either fedi is just really heccin slow rn or i just need to refresh my page lol

Also, I made a folder irl called "Socially acceptable art I can show people if they want to see my art examples", and a quote on it that says "Do I know what I'm doing? I DON'T. Let's see what the frig happens doe" -Chaz Smith

quite a bit in it so far, after going through some old art books.

The earliest socially acceptable one I had found was a picture of an early oc, Athene, from March 21, 2018.

She's v coot uwu, I should post her here later

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