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Bah bah bah, bah dah dah dum

the duck walked up to the lucario stand
and he said to the man, running the stand


got any glaceon?

The man said "no, no, just got lucarios
Fighting fit and chest spikes, there are a few rows
Can I interest you in one?"
The duck said "No"
And he waddled away

aspects of lucario:

1: fluffy

2: pawbeans

3: awwrrarwrarrARAW~RWAAWR

4: screaming chaotic gremlins

5: bark bark uwu

6: aura spheres down ur mailbox if u don't take them for enough walkies

My legs are literally just thicc spaghetti help

local gov't, - 

imagine how insane of a blowjob kirby would give you

🇪🇪 it's time for Estonia corner 🇪🇪

Estonian is a great language, very literal. Just wanted to share a couple of my favorite bits

raccoon = pesukaru (wash-bear)
turtle = klipkonn (shield-frog)
toad = kärnkonn (scab-frog)
cheerleaders = kisakoor (scream choir)

The L in L-line in Chicago doesn't stand for Elevated, it stands for Lemurs

Gonna get 4 new rims + tires for the g6 soon, a couple of the hubcaps are cracked and the rims are turning a lil trashy

only 100 per wheel with new bridgestones, that's not bad.

If you know where this is from you have a high iq

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🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 beans art by angiewolfartist@twitter