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Selfie, ec 

Ok so the poll said it was okay if i posted pics of myself here so

it me,,, helo

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Happy 30th, ! Hopefully you're having a great time \ :D / 🎉

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Moving accounts! Please read :) 

Hey, y'all! This is a pretty important message, so please read this if you follow me.

I'm going to be moving accounts soon, I'll be moving to, and that'll be my most active for a while and it will probably become my main sometime in the near future.

I'm just going to @ a few mutuals or people I at least interact with once in a while that I haven't already seem to have notified.
[ @cdmnky @skootthecat @Elizafox @alayna @FormulaAzureJackal @masklayer]

I need to know,
is your brain
still working


It's almost Sierra (fursona)'s birthday

it was February 18th when i originally got my idea approved with her reference's artist (granted I didn't get it until JUNE)

pellets guy 

just called me hyperlink for the first time

if you’re new to mastodon and have any questions on how to get set up and cozy, i’d love to help out :3 just reply to this post! #MastoMonday

frantically rolling out of bed and sprinting across the house to activate the Daily Fursona Selector

>911, what's your emergency?
<yes, hello, I was just in a car purpose.
>a... what?
<a car purpose.
>a car accident..?
<no I hit that bitch on purpose

Hey everyone! If you'd like to commission me this week, id really appreciate it! my hours got cut again. My headshots are only 15$!

@zagraa it's super good

i also put parm on it too because i love the texture of powdery cheese

When you’re making a character in a game and the game crashes when you’ve got the perfect settings

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