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Okay, redoing this poll because of confusion on multiple aspects.

Which way does your Icon face?

Audience perspective, as in "How do we see it?" or "How does it show up on-screen?" and not as if you were the icon itself.

Please boost for hopefully improved and maximum demographic :)

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Happy 30th, @owashii ! Hopefully you're having a great time \ :D / 🎉

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Never sleep! Never die! Don't let the government propaganda get you. Sleeping is what they want you to do!

ritualistically sacrificing the clout pinata. i slice through his cardboard chest. candy spills out. i yank free his heart, a left over plastic easter egg with 5 dollars. the other myass users are wearing his cardboard legs as hats and wincing at the staples. mastodon crumbles for good. its over.

what do u call ‘em

tumblr post i like

"while you studied the blade, i studied the blade. we're classmates"

"dude is there blade homework"

Nothing says 1989 like a plaid blue interior.

my kink 

My timeline has been like 25% about paws for the past four days and I am in favor of this being a continuing trend

My gender is Dragon.

I use Ree/Rurr pronouns.

In my pants, you will find an absurd quantity of kobolds, as well as a live cow. Her name is Whitney Mooston. She was supposed to be a sacrifice to appease me, but she's actually pretty chill. Wants to be a moosician.

cognitohazard. open to see if you have been impacted 

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