Which direction does your icon face?

Please boost for highest possible demographic :)

Yeah I should probably do this poll over with a "no-face/other" option

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Okay, redoing this poll because of confusion on multiple aspects.

Which way does your Icon face?

Audience perspective, as in "How do we see it?" or "How does it show up on-screen?" and not as if you were the icon itself.

Please boost for hopefully improved and maximum demographic :)

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@zagraa is this stage direction or audience direction

@zagraa I have one that looks right and one that looks left

@luna Just vote for the acc you use right now, that's okay :)

@zagraa wait, from the perspective of the face in the icon or from your perspective looking at it?

@djsumdog Audience perspective. Like which way does it face on the screen

@zagraa ....I think forward? I mean.... I'm looking toward the viewer so...maybe?

@zagraa This is missing a 'it's not a face' option ;)

@zagraa from the avatar's perspective or from the person's perspective looking at the feed?

@zagraa I answered the poll for my current profile pic (I voted forward) but I keep a track of all the profile pics I added on masto, so I can make mini-statistics I guess :

Forward : 12
Left : 9
Right : 7

(I used :
- direction the character is looking
- shoulder positions when the character look at the camera)

@wicche I've seen these before and they're usually pretty interesting :)

@zagraa slightly askew because xe saw something shiny in the other direction brb a sec

@zagraa Umm... Where does face what part of the icon? Only the head or the torso also? Cuz my icon's head and torso are facing opposite directions >_>

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